Irura Delicatessen

A pork butcher of tradition and craftsmanship

At Irura Selección we have been creating our products traditionally for more than 35 years (Chistorra, Basque blood sausage, tongue, tripe, etc.).Today we continue to expand our product range and develop new lines and types to satisfy our customers' needs.


At Irura Selección, we reinforce our philosophy

Since 2017, Aitor Arregui has been running the family business which started from scratch, and with hard work, the business has managed to grow and carve a name for itself in the market for quality products.

Elaboración artesanal de recetas tradicionales

Own artisan recipes

Dedication, effort and a lot of love are the basic ingredients that go into the recipe of each of the products that we create, always with the goal of satisfying the most demanding of palates.

Development of new lines for new needs

In 1992, Iñaki Arregui and his wife Pilar Oyarzun decided to launch a line of natural preserves on the market, which we continue to develop and expand to this day, following its evolution and acceptance in the market.

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